25 Nov, 2019
Western and Moneygram receiver name updated notice

Please be updated we are using now only china receiver for western union and moneygram receving but we have receiver in russia and more others coun
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22 Nov, 2019
Crypto Wallets temporary Unavailable

Please be informed our all crypto wallet is temporary unavailable for maintaince and when will available we will notice by email and news. So pleas
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31 Oct, 2019
WU Service is available

Dear Customer

It is pleased to inform you that our WU service is available now.
Welcome to use our service.

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06 Aug, 2019
Western Union & MoneyGram to all exchange fees reduce

Great news for all our valued member and guest we reduced fees from Western Union & MoneyGram to others all exchange pair. We can challenge ful
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13 Jul, 2019
China Receiver Name for WU and MG Service is vailable.

It is pleased to inform you that our China receiver name for Western Union and Moneygram service is vailable now at our site only for order from $3
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